Our Mission
      To impart complete and technical education along with emphasis on grooming            the personality of students so that they achieve the industry standards and cater        to the changing demands of the hospitality sectors to bring prosperity to the                society  and enhance the quality of life by providing knowledge products and              services through innovation and quality.


            Our mission is also to make quality management education accessible to all by providing world class education and training in Hospitality Management by constantly                              innovating and improving upon the discipline through state of art methods of training, research and close relations with industry requirements and proper courses, syllabus,                    curriculum etc. to bring perfection in such a way that this can only be compared with harmony with today’s Hospitality Management education should therefore enable students              to achieve best in the industry.

     Our  Vision

     To create a world renowned technical education Centre imparting management            and technical knowledge catering to the needs of the changing scenario of the            Hospitality world besides contributing in the fields of Hospitality and customer            service.
             Central Institute of Hotel & Hospitality Management, one of the premier Centre of Excellence in Hospitality Education, has over the past 11 years, become a symbol of world                   class education in Hospitality Management in India, creating middle Managers as well as Senior Executives in the Hotel Management and Tourism Industry, with National and                 International accreditation and also producing a number of Hospitality leaders who are now the trend setter of the Global Hospitality Industry.

              We are a school with a 21st century approach to management education and most of the knowledge creation at Central Institute of Hotel & hospitality Management happens                  to be in the classroom through intense interactions, exercises, practices between our faculties and students, who all are refining, redefining, upgrading and updating their                        skills in management careers and professional lives .

               It is also considered to be the most prestigious institute to specialize students in higher level Hotel, Hospital , Tourism, Aviation, Business Management with the help of world                  class education and training in Hospitality Management by constantly innovating and improving upon the discipline through state of the art methods of training, meaningful                      research and close relations with the industry, business and other institutions of India and abroad.
                We have geared ourselves to respond to the modernization and growing internationally in these sectors by nurturing talent and advancing knowledge in a multicultural                             learning  environment and providing world class quality education in multifarious emerging disciplines.
                  If you are an aspiring and ambitious leader and seeking an opportunity to obtain a richer, deeper understanding of the industry best practices from a leading institution, then                    Central Institute of Hotel & Hospitality Management will be an enriching experience and also providing rewarding career. So, come and join the movement, be an Central                        Institute of Hotel &   Hospitality Management-ite for “a career with recognition”, be passionate and be ready to lead.