Ground Staff Course

Ground Staff Course

India is soon becoming one of the leading job providers in aviation industries. It is noted that by 2020 India will stand third in the race. As the aviation industry is soaring high, the demand for ground staff student has also increased. The ground staffs are also represented as ground crew in the aviation language. The demand of the staffs is increasing with the number of cargos being delivered through airlines.


CIHM College is one of the best airport ground staff training colleges in Kolkata that provides practical training to the students to get the airport ground staff job.

Airport ground staff course in Kolkatta

Our airport ground staff course trains the students to handle the cargoes and the passengers on the ground. We make our students competent in handling cargo, transportation, passenger handling, and providing various other customer services like updating them about flight changes, and handling cancellation and reservations.

On successfully completing the course from the best airport ground staff training college in Kolkata, the students will have in-depth knowledge of the operations and principal procedure applied by the airline industries. This ground staff course duration is very short but makes the students compatible to handle various customer inquiries with ease and intelligence.

The ground staff course duration, also known as the Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Aviation Management 1 Year. The course combines classroom as well as field learning. The course helps in getting an airport ground staff job in Kolkata and other domestic airlines all over India.

The airport ground staff qualification is a minimum requirement of 10+2 and at least 18 years of age. However, a degree course is given more credibility and increases the airport ground staff salary as well. The ground staff course fees are nominal and give you a good airport ground staff salary.

Once you have cleared the airport ground staff exam, you can undertake complete training for airport ground staff job. The cabin crew training course is equivalent to ground staff course, where you are taught the following:

  • Passenger handling and understand the principles of aviation operation.
  • Improving communication skills, and learning to groom yourself
  • Get ready for job placement through mock interviews and airport ground staff exam.
  • Get 100% placement assistance
  • Gain skills to get placed in Indian and international airlines
  • Time management
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Roleplay
  • Airport retail management
  • Mock interviews
  • Advanced ground handling courses
  • Basic aviation management
  • Customer service

Through the ground staff training course, a student is up skilled. The airport ground staff course fees are however lesser than that of a flight attendant or cabin crew course fees. The duration is shorter but the student is trained under highly skilled professionals and ex-ground crew members. The students are well groomed and taught how to handle the chaotic situation on the grounds in case of issues. They are also taught to handle the passengers and help them with check-in procedures as well.