Cargo Courses

Cargo Courses

Students who have a good physique and aspire to work in airline industries can go for air cargo training courses in India. The diploma course in cargo management is an exclusive job opportunity for the students who are willing to stay on the ground and serve the airline industries. The cargo handling course is a diploma course that trains the student in cargo management and handling the air baggage that is being transferred through various airlines.


Advance Aviation Course for Cargo handling

Cargo handling course in Kolkata is provided by various air hostess college. CIHM College is one such air cargo management courses provider were the student is acquainted with the following skills:

  • Application of cargo principles as per the airline guidelines
  • Applying the process of handling special goods
  • They are acquainted with the method of shipping dangerous goods
  • Understanding the need of the shipper and the consignee
  • Developing a reliable transportation service for air despatch of the parcels
  • Marketing skills to provide cargo services to the business and the clients.

The basic cargo course also includes the following topics

  • Freight forward operations
  • Cargo agency handling
  • Combination of mixed consignment handling
  • Rates and charges calculation
  • Declaration of goods through air way bill
  • Handling dangerous goods
  • Helping the passengers in unloading and loading luggage during check-ins
  • Loading and unloading baggage in the plane that is ready to take off
  • Handling airline baggies
  • Cargo course to work in extreme weather and noisy conditions

The eligibility to enroll in the cargo courses is usually 10+2. However, graduates are awarded a better pay check because of their maturity and educational qualifications. The air cargo courses are also preferably allowed to students who have the fitness to pick up large packets on a daily basis.

The air cargo course can be a complex and précised course. Cargo courses are provided under the guidance of well-trained experts. At CIHM College, we offer quality training solutions to meet the diverse needs of the industry.

A student for the cargo handling courses in India must be affluent with multiple languages like English, Hindi or any of the national or international language. They must be well groomed. The student must have the following to enroll in a cargo handling course in CIHM:

  • Indian passport
  • Driving license to drive huge trucks loaded with delivery baggage’s or parcels
  • Good understanding of delivery method as per the amine guidelines
  • Understanding the paperwork

Sometimes the cargo training courses in India also provide a basic knowledge of ground staffing as well. The course is more or less similar to the cabin crew course as they are taught about hospitality, and handling the passengers in the airport. A cargo student must be well groomed and speak politely with everyone. If he is funding misbehaving, the airlines take chance to detain the services without any notice period.

As cargo courses in Kolkata are provided direct admission, they are given training for mock interviews so that they can easily clear the airline interview procedure and get their dream job.